Andrzej Duda: Almost 10,000 US troops are now in Poland


Almost 10,000 American troops are already in Poland, Polish President Andrzej Duda told the French newspaper Le Figaro.

“We have sought NATO with all our might precisely to get a guarantee under Article 5. And these are not just words. Today, as part of the military strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank, we already have almost 10,000 US troops in our country,” Duda said. – “In 2023, we will spend more than 4 per cent of our gross domestic product (GDP) on defence, twice as much as our NATO allies currently require. Today we are building our common security!”

Duda: Almost 10,000 US troops in Poland

Duda also said his country is very serious about defending the so-called Suwałki Corridor, which links the Baltic States with Poland and other NATO countries.

“Our territory is strategically important because from here it is only possible to reach the Baltic States through the Suwalki corridor. If the 65-kilometre stretch of the Polish-Lithuanian border, which lies between Belarus and Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast, is not protected, the Baltic States will be cut off from the rest of NATO. We take this very seriously. I keep telling the Baltic presidents that just like centuries ago, only together we can stand against Russia,” the Polish president said.

Duda also stressed that Russian imperialism is a fact: “Excuse me, but the last time you saw Russian soldiers in Paris was at the time of Napoleon, and Russians left Poland only in 1993. Our perception is radically different! In the Baltic States the situation is even worse, because during the Soviet occupation they had to go through a real hell. While Europe was celebrating the victory over Hitler, we in Poland found ourselves under another occupation – Stalin’s army”.

Source: ERR

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