Companies nominated for Export and Innovation Award 2022

LATVIA – Tourism Industry (02/11/2022)

According to the Ministry of Economics, six Latvian companies that created the most innovative tourism products last year have been identified and will compete for the Export and Innovation Award 2022.

Nominated in the Kommersant Group:

«JA Travel» offers a grill bar on a ship that offers an authentic fishing experience and the role of grilling fish on the deck of a ship at sea. This is an opportunity to go out to sea on a fishing boat with a grill bar, where you can enjoy the fresh catch of the day and take part in a real coastal fishing experience with a real fishing boat and fishermen.

Companies nominated for Export and Innovation Award 2022
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«Don’t Panic» in collaboration with Skudras Metropol for the product Unfamiliar Accommodation – The Nature Gallery. «Unfamiliar accommodation» is an adventure that offers new experiences and emotions. They have been created to give visitors a new experience by introducing them to new places, different regions of Latvia and unusual locations. Guests of Dabas Galerijas have the opportunity to spend the night in a uniquely designed cabin, which mechanically rotates on its axis by 360 degrees and amazes with a sliding terrace that glides over the treetops. The building, facing each side of the sky, frames the surrounding landscape.

Vitality Academy «Via Vitalité» is a place of organised mind and body. «Via Vitalité” is a wellness centre where all the prerequisites are in place for the client to achieve their goal, whether it is to lose weight or to “clear their head” after a hard day’s work. This offer has become particularly relevant after the Covid pandemic, during which people became mentally tired of various restrictions.

Nominated to a group of associations, foundations, planning regions or municipal institutions:

Ventspils Science Centre VISIUM. In June 2022, the VISIUM Science Centre opened its doors to visitors for the first time, providing an introduction to the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) with more than 80 interactive and educational exhibits in seven galleries dedicated to technology and natural sciences. The aim of the Science Centre is to show that science can be fun and interesting, and that fun can be educational.

An interactive historical exhibition in the tower of Jelgava’s Holy Trinity Church. Latvian companies and specialists in various fields – historians, specialists in public utilities, designers, video artists, programmers, IT specialists, fashion artists, actors, builders and furniture makers – are involved in creating the exhibitions. The exhibition «Jelgava through the Ages» tells about the history and symbols of the city from its foundation until today, while the «Jelgava Fashion through the Ages» section of the exhibition reflects the clothing traditions and fashion trends in Jelgava from different historical periods. Special attention in the exhibition is also paid to the history of Jelgava’s Holy Trinity Church and lost architectural and interior values.

A branch of the Liepaja Museum «Mrs. Hojere’s Guesthouse». This is the guest house of Margareta Gertrude Hoyeres, widow of butcher David Hoyeres, or the interior museum of 17th-19th centuries. It is an important cultural and historical object in Liepaja. The house is now open to the public in the form of an open museum exhibition.

The competition is organised by the Ministry of Economics and LIAA in cooperation with the Central Statistical Office, the Latvian Exporters’ Association «Red Jackets» and the financial institution «Altum», which will award a special prize to the safest exporter.

Winners of all five categories of the Competition will be awarded the Republic of Latvia 2,000 euros for a business trip for two persons, including participation as part of business delegations in visits of top officials of the country abroad, participation in trade missions organised by the LIAA and payment for individual business trips. Winners will also be entitled to use the appropriate Competition category mark on all of their products or product lines and on marketing materials.

Read more about the competition:

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