Elected Presidium of the 14th Saeima

LATVIA – SAEIMA (01/11/2022)

On Tuesday, November 1, the newly elected parliament elected the Presidium of the 14th Saeima, according to the Saeima of the Republic website.

The Presidium of the Saeima consists: the Speaker of the Saeima, two of its members; the Secretary of the Saeima and a member of the Presidium.

Elected Presidium of the 14th Saeima
Photo by Karlis Miksons

Edward Smiltens was elected as the Representative of the 14th Saeima by open ballot using ballot papers. Deputies also elected Zanda Kalnina-Lukashevich as a member of the Saeima Speaker. Janis Grasbergs was elected as Speaker of the Saeima. Armands Krause was elected as the Saeima Secretary. Antonina Nenasheva was elected as the Deputy Secretary of the Saeima.

Members of the Presidium will determine the internal procedure and workflow of the Saeima, give opinions and forward incoming cases provided for in the Saeima order list, set the agenda for Saeima meetings, as well as meet with foreign officials and perform a number of other duties.

The credentials of the 14th Saeima were also approved on Tuesday:

Having made a solemn pledge, the parliament approved the credentials of the 14th Saeima. Mandates were won by 26 deputies elected from «the New Unity» party’s candidate list. Proxies were approved for 15 deputies from «the Green and Peasant Union» list.

Also, 15 seats in the Parlament got members of the «UNITED LIST – Green Party of Latvia, Union of Latvian Regions, Liepaja Party». And 13 members of the list «National Union All Latvia!»– «Homeland and Freedom/LNNK» received mandates to parliament.

Seats to the 14th Saeima were approved for 11 deputies elected from «the Stability!» political party. Mandates of deputies were also given to 10 deputies from «the PROGRESSIVE» party. Employer mandates of the new Saeima were also approved for 9 deputies elected from «the LATVIA FIRST».

Data Source: www.saeima.lv

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