Pro-Ukrainian group behind Nord Stream attack, US intelligence says


Pro-Ukrainian groups were probably behind last year’s attacks on the Nord Stream pipeline, but there is no evidence that the perpetrators acted with the knowledge of President Volodymyr Zelensky or other high-ranking Ukrainian officials, The New York Times reported, citing US intelligence agencies.

Pro-Ukrainian group behind attack on Nord Stream
Photo by Global Look Press / Xinhua / Danish Defense Ministry

According to US intelligence officials, according to the NYT, the explosives were planted with the help of experienced divers who apparently did not work for the military or intelligence services. But it is possible that they had received special government training in the past.

US intelligence agencies consider Ukraine to be the country with “the most logical potential motive for attacking the pipeline”, the publication said. “They have opposed the project for years, calling it a threat to their national security because it would make it easier for Russia to sell gas to Europe.”

For their part, Ukrainian government and military intelligence officials claim they played no role in the attack and do not know who carried it out.

The Seymour Hersh Inquiry

Earlier in February, a famous American journalist Seymour Hersh published an investigation on Nord Stream. According to him, sabotage of the Baltic pipelines was organised by the White House and the Pentagon with Norwegian support. He believes that last summer, during a NATO Baltic exercise, naval divers planted remote detonation devices that were later activated by radio beacons dropped from a plane.

The US authorities almost immediately dismissed this version, saying that the journalist’s information was untrue.

At the same time, German, Swedish and Danish authorities are conducting their own investigations. Russia is not allowed to participate in the investigations.


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