The first eight cars confiscated from drunk drivers are on their way from Latvia to Ukraine


According to the Latvian State Revenue Service, the first batch of cars seized from drink-driving enthusiasts is leaving for Ukraine as early as this week. All former car owners were caught with blood alcohol levels above 0.15%.

Vehicles confiscated in Latvia go to Ukraine
Photo by Latvia's State Revenue Service

The eight confiscated vehicles were handed over to the Agendum group, which specialises in delivering donated or donated vehicles to the front-line areas of Ukraine. According to the group, they were able to deliver more than 900 vehicles to Ukraine between February and May 2022.

Normally, vehicles confiscated by state authorities from offenders are sold, scrapped or dismantled for parts. However, after learning about the work of a group like Agendum, Latvian authorities decided that the vehicles could be used to help Ukrainians. In February, the Latvian parliament adopted an amendment to the law on supporting Ukraine to allow such a transfer of vehicles.

Latvian media reported that the vehicles would be transferred to army units of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, the Vinnitsa regional clinical hospital and the territorial medical association of the Kupyansk council.

In the future, the Latvian authorities have promised to hand over two dozen confiscated vehicles to Agendum on a weekly basis.

Source: Euronews

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