What is the strategic plan for the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027

LATVIA – Ministry of Agriculture

Objectives and expected results of the strategic plan of the Latvian KLP:
  • Daily food security for residents, every resident has access to safe and quality food produced in Latvia, in a wide range of products at competitive prices (if it were not for the EU and state support for farmers and food producers, food would be much more expensive);
  • Increase value added through cooperation and production of a competitive product for domestic and foreign markets;
  • Increase the income of rural households to the national average;
  • Knowledge-based entrepreneurship, improved implementation of innovations and scientific results in practice;
  • Fair income for families in rural areas of Latvia, vibrant economic life in rural areas, provision of infrastructure and maintenance of population;
  • Improving the competitiveness of Latvian farmers and food producers;
  • Increased market power of farmers in supply chains;
  • A healthier and more sustainable EU food system;
  • Each farm invests in biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation through the efficient use of resources;
  • Help mitigate and adapt to climate change, including by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting carbon sequestration, as well as promoting sustainable energy;
  • Promote sustainable development and effective management of natural resources such as water, soil and air, including by reducing reliance on chemicals;
  • Help halt and reverse biodiversity loss, improve ecosystem services and conserve habitats and landscapes.
What is the strategic plan for the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027
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Distribution of funding for the KLP Strategic Plan 2023-2027:
  • Direct payments – €1.714 billion
  • Basic Income Support Promoting Sustainable Development (ISIP) – €504.4 million
  • Basic income support contributing to sustainable development (ISIP) in regions with special needs – €311.17 million
  • Payment to small farmers – €37.7 million
  • Additional support for income redistribution contributing to sustainable development – €153.7 million
  • Additional income support for young farmers – €11.8 million
  • Eco-schemes – €438.14 million
  • Related income support – €257.04 million
Rural development - €0.791 billion (total with state co-financing; measures are clustered):
  • Knowledge and innovation – €36.5 million
  • Investments in farms, processing, infrastructure, small farm development, cooperation, financial instruments, etc. – €230.9 million
  • Young farmers €43.2 million annually
  • Organic farming and agri-environment – € 280.9 million
  • Forestry – €28.6 million
  • Rural development (Leader) and short supply chains – € 86.8 million
  • Risk management – €37.6 million
  • Technical assistance – €45.9 million​

Support to producer organisations – 6.9 million euros.

Beekeeping sector – 3.2 million euros (total with state co-financing).

The total planned public funding for the ENP strategic plan is 2.5 billion euros and most of the funding is earmarked for the environmental and economic objectives of the ENP.

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