What’s new in Kuldiga County in 2022?


Both new attractions, and new places to stay – Kuldīga region in 2022 has worked hard to become even more interesting for travellers.

Alsunga Amatu House:

Alsung Crafts House brings together masters of various crafts, preserves cultural and historical evidence and traditions and invites creative co-creation. On the ground floor there is a Tourist Information Centre, an exhibition hall and three permanent exhibitions: a lounge of suites, a kitchen and vestments of Catholic priests. 

What's new in Kuldiga County in 2022

The EKC «Suiti», the creative studio «Austuve» and «Suitu keķis» also operate there. On the first floor of the building, visitors have access to the study and conference room of Amatu House; right next door are Alsunga ceramists, Suiti Cultural Heritage Society, Suiti Artisans, EKC Suiti and Alsunga Smart Village.

There’s a retro bike museum, a bike restoration workshop and a hire shop for elegantly restored retro bikes. There are many excellent vintage bikes to suit all tastes. The range of retro bikes on offer is constantly being updated. Each bike is unique and has its own story, which the cycling enthusiasts will be able to tell the visitors at the rental shop. In addition to bicycles, you can also see Jura Wilson’s private collection of interesting matches and needles made here in Kuldīga, Latvia, and beyond.

The Aleksupīte expedition is an unprecedented opportunity to experience the charm of the old town of Kuldīga, wandering along the rocky bed of Aleksupīte, overcoming small waterfalls, crawling over several small bridges and discovering the secrets of old houses from a completely unusual perspective. In 2022, the first full season has finally been completed.

During the adventure, you will have the opportunity to learn many new things and see already known houses from a different perspective, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

Expedition participants are provided with rubber shoes in summer and rubber overalls in cooler weather and when the river level rises. To make it easier to navigate the rocky lodge, everyone is provided with a walking stick for support.

In 2022, a new dwelling is built in the Kuldīga region. The concept «Nature Gallery» is the 4th series of the project «Unconventional dwelling». It includes a sense of the presence of nature through various aspects. Nature is the healer of the soul, nature is the initiator of the senses, nature is the inspirer of art and design.

The doors of Kimale Manor are open for both overnight stays and to enjoy the historic atmosphere of the manor house. The manor house was built in the 1930s in the neo-Gothic style with a beautiful park. Since 2020, the estate has been run by a family who are gradually renovating the premises of the manor house and intend to turn it into a holiday home for happy moments.

The manor is suitable for celebrations, group events, seminars, corporate events and is also suitable for families with children.

The manor house has 6 rooms, in which 15 people can spend the night. It offers spacious rooms – a beautiful dining room, two cocktail bars, a kitchen in a historic palm house and modern facilities. The historic manor house park is a cool oasis on hot summer days with benches, tables and a grill in several locations.

In 2022, a new concert hall «Klävinsh Piano» (in Latvieshu) was built in Kuldiga and a place where vertical concert pianos are made.

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